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What we do every day at Johnson Controls makes the world more productive, more secure and more sustainable. Creating winning solutions for our customers is the key to winning in the marketplace. How we do it matters because winning doesn’t matter without integrity. That’s why Integrity First is the first among our values.

Our values are the starting point for everything we do, everywhere we do it. They remind us—and others—who we are, what we stand for and how we get things done. They are our inspiration and our guide. That’s why this, the Johnson Controls Code of Ethics, is called “Values First.”

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Our values drive winning behaviors, which drive winning outcomes. At johnson controls, our values guide us - all the way from inspiration to achievement.

Integrity first
We promise honesty and transparency. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honor the commitments we make. PURPOSE LED
Purpose led
We believe in doing well by doing good and hold ourselves accountable to make the world a better place through the solutions we provide, our engagement in society, the way we do business and our commitment to protect people and the environment.
Customer driven
We win when our customers win. Our long-term strategic relationships provide unique insights and the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and solutions.
Future focused
Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement drives us to solve today’s challenges while constantly asking ‘what’s next.’
One team
We are one team, dedicated to working collaboratively together to create the purposeful solutions that propel the world forward.
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Why our values come first

Johnson Controls has built a reputation over 130 years as a company that can be trusted to keep our promises and to deliver value for our customers and other stakeholders.

This reputation is our responsibility, no matter what our role at the Company. Our individual choices and actions have a direct impact on Johnson Controls’ ability to meet the expectations of our customers, investors and other stakeholders. Even though we’re 120,000 people, supporting many brands and functions around the globe, we win as One Team. Our choices and behaviors need to support a culture of trust and respect as we help each other to do our best work.

That is why we have Values First, our Code of Ethics. It sets expectations for behaviors and guides us toward achieving the best outcomes for ourselves and all our stakeholders. It is a practical, easy-to-use resource, which shows us how to put our shared values into action. When our values drive the right behaviors, everyone wins.