How we win

We attract talented people, develop their potential and set them up to succeed.

Why we put values first

We hire and promote the best and the brightest. We base employment decisions on qualifications, aspirations and performance, never on prejudice or bias.  Giving everyone a fair chance is the right thing to do. We won’t tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, military service or any other status protected by law.

Close-up on a conference table with laptops and hands of people working
Two colleagues in discussion in front of a computer, while one points at the screen

What winning looks like

We attract, develop and retain outstanding employees by:

  • Treating people fairly and focusing on the value they bring to Johnson Controls
  • Making decisions about recruitment, training, promotions and discipline on the basis of merit
  • Providing reasonable accommodations for disability
  • Refusing to accept any excuses for discrimination—there are none

Think first


I’ve heard my supervisor say that he doesn’t want older workers on his team. He says he’s not discriminating—they simply can’t keep pace with our production speed requirements. Is he right?


No, he isn’t. Blanket beliefs or statements about a person or group of people based on age or other personal characteristics are inappropriate and incompatible with the values and culture that we promote. They may also lead to discriminatory actions. Everyone should be judged on their abilities and performance. A work environment where everyone is treated fairly helps ensure a trusting, motivated and high-performing culture.