How we win

We focus on delivering the highest value to our customers through safe, innovative products and solutions.

Why we put values first

We want customers who stay with us for the long term, customers who trust us to understand, anticipate and meet their needs better than our competitors. We are never complacent, always looking for new and better ways to be customer driven. As we continue to innovate, we never compromise on the quality or safety of our products and services.

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What winning looks like

We deliver excellence to our customers by:

  • Creating an environment that promotes quality and innovation for our products and solutions
  •  Never taking shortcuts that could potentially compromise the quality or safety of any of our products and solutions
  • Soliciting and listening to customer feedback
  • Immediately reporting any concerns about product safety or quality

Think first


I was involved in a recent product redesign. The process took more than a year to complete and has resulted in what we believe is the most technologically advanced product in its category. However, I’m concerned that I may have identified a design flaw that could, in certain circumstances, make the product short-circuit and cause a fire. I mentioned this to my manager. He assured me that there was negligible risk and we should not second-guess a very exhaustive testing process. This is bothering me because someone could get hurt. My manager refuses to discuss the matter any further. Who can I talk to?

Safety is a critical concern for us—when designing and building our products and after they’ve left the factory. You should speak either to a senior manager on the Engineering team or contact the Compliance team, your local EHS representative or a member of the corporate EHS team or submit a report to the Integrity Helpline. That way, your concern can be properly evaluated and escalated, if necessary.