Speak up – everyone’s voice counts

Often, the right thing to do is obvious. At other times, a situation may seem complex or unusual and we may be unsure about how to proceed. If you have a concern, please speak up immediately. Not only do we have a duty to do so, it allows us to quickly gain clarity and avoid potential problems. If something has gone wrong, it gives us an opportunity to investigate and correct it.


There are several ways to raise an ethics or compliance concern. You can:

  • Discuss the issue with your supervisor
  • Discuss the issue with another supervisor or manager
  • Contact the Compliance team, Human Resources or Law Department
  • Contact Johnson Controls 24-hour Integrity Helpline:

Zero tolerance for retaliation

Johnson Controls prohibits retaliation. Anyone who raises a concern in good faith will not face retaliation of any kind—including threats, harassment, reduction of hours, release from employment or any other negative consequence. Retaliation goes against our values and undermines the trust that is essential to our success. An act of retaliation is serious misconduct that will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

In closing…

The Code of Ethics is intended to be a source of inspiration and guidance for us in working together to build a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world. It shows how to put our values into action as we pursue opportunities while also navigating areas of risk. It cannot possibly cover every situation that we might face. It is important to ask questions when we are unsure about the right course of action and vital that we raise any concerns we might have. The Code includes a variety of resources and channels to help us do this.