Conflicts of interest

We make smart, objective choices that put the Company and our customers ahead of personal benefit. We work together to win for our customers. We don’t allow personal interests or relationships to get in the way of winning as One Team.

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Insider trading and securities market abuse

We never use or share inside information about Johnson Controls or any other company for the purpose of trading on the stock market.

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Physical property and assets

We protect Johnson Controls’ reputation and other assets because they are the building blocks for our future. Our assets—property, money, information, ideas and reputation—sustain our operations and allow us to invest in innovation and continuous improvement.

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Record keeping and disclosure

We keep accurate records and accounts to help us operate effectively and to provide timely and truthful information to those who need to rely on it.

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Responsible communication

We strengthen our brand and stakeholder relationships through thoughtful, accurate and consistent communications and responsible engagement with social media. We communicate truthfully, accurately and consistently with customers, investors and other stakeholders.

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