How we win

We protect the confidential information that our customers entrust to us.

Why we put values first

Being customer driven is about more than keeping promises and meeting expectations. At its core, it’s about continuing to earn our customers’ trust by showing that we look after their interests as well as our own. Confidential information is as precious to our customers as it is to us; its unauthorized use or disclosure could cause serious financial and reputational harm.  We take precautions to protect the confidential information entrusted to us.

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What winning looks like

We preserve customer trust by:

  • Being as careful with customers’ confidential information as with our own
  • Taking appropriate security measures to safeguard customers’ information
  • Disclosing customers’ confidential information only to those who are authorized and have a business need to know it
  • Not sharing confidential customer information with anyone outside our Company unless the customer has given permission
  • Assuming that information is confidential unless and until we confirm otherwise
  • Following applicable privacy laws and our Privacy Policy
  • Contacting the Compliance team or Law Department immediately if we know or suspect that customer information was inadvertently mishandled in any way

Think first


During my 10 years with Johnson Controls, I’ve worked with many groups and formed strong relationships across the Company. A friend from my last group asked if I could send him a list of customer email addresses so he could better market a new service. I know we’re One Team and I want to help my friend; I’m just not sure if I should be sharing this information, even internally. How should I handle this request?


Operating as One Team involves finding ways to collaborate across our organization, and it also means sharing responsibilities to meet our legal and ethical obligations. This includes the obligation to protect customer information, much of which is confidential. If such information is released without permission, it could potentially get into the wrong hands, putting the customer and our reputation at risk. Do not share the requested information and remind your friend that customers rely on us to use their information only for the purposes for which they provided it; we need to seek their permission before sharing it for other uses.