How we win

We strengthen our brand and stakeholder relationships through thoughtful, accurate and consistent communications and responsible engagement with social media.

Why we put values first

We communicate truthfully, accurately and consistently with customers, investors and other stakeholders. This is essential to building a business based on trust, long-term relationships and mutual value, rather than mere transactions. We remember that we are all ambassadors for the Johnson Controls brand. We express our value in the marketplace and preserve our reputation by using social media responsibly and by letting colleagues with the proper authority and experience handle external inquiries.

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Side view of a woman trying a laptop in an electronics  store

What winning looks like

We strengthen our brand and relationships by:

  • Following our Communications Policy when handling external inquiries or engaging with social media
  • Only communicating information on behalf of Johnson Controls if authorized to do so
  • Being courteous and professional in our online exchanges
  • Remembering that our online activity, even outside work, could help or hurt Johnson Controls
  • Identifying opinions as our own unless we are authorized to speak on Johnson Controls’ behalf
  • Never disclosing confidential or proprietary information (about our Company, customers or other business partners)
  • Not sharing internal employee communications such as general emails or portal stories
  • Never posting illegal content or anything that could reasonably make others feel bullied or threatened
  • Not letting social media activities interfere with our job responsibilities at Johnson Controls

We connect, communicate and learn through social media

Social media is a powerful tool that connects Johnson Controls with our customers, communities and stakeholders all around the globe – instantly. It allows us to strengthen our relationships and build our brand. Many of us use social media in our personal lives, to stay informed and in touch with friends and family. Being mindful of our online presence, and thoughtful about what we post, minimizes the risk of something being misinterpreted or taken out of context.

Think first


A friend on my team recently had a baby. Our team leader wants to send her flowers on the Company’s behalf, which I think is a nice idea. Since he knows that the two of us are friends and live close to each other, he asked me for my friend’s home address. I feel uncomfortable giving him the address without first asking my friend’s permission. But I don’t want to spoil the surprise so what should I do?


We take the protection of personal information very seriously, whether it belongs to employees, customers or other business partners. We all have a responsibility to protect it and only allow it to be used for proper purposes and by people who are authorized to use it. Allowing personal data to get into the wrong hands can have devastating consequences, potentially facilitating identity theft and other crimes. Tell your team leader that you would prefer that he make the arrangements in consultation with your team’s HR partner.