How we win

We support a fair political process, advocate for our business policies and encourage our employees to be actively engaged.

Why we put values first

We believe that active participation in a fair political process promotes a healthy society. As a Company, we engage policymakers on issues and concerns that are important to our business and our customers. We encourage employees to be politically engaged locally. Johnson Controls generally limits the use of Company resources to support political candidates. Instead, the Company has a Political Action Committee (PAC), funded by voluntary employee contributions, which is used to support U.S. candidates who are aligned with the Company’s policy positions.

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What winning looks like

We participate responsibly in the political process by:

  • Encouraging individual employee political participation, including voting, and using their own time and money
  • Encouraging eligible employees to voluntarily contribute to the Johnson Controls PAC
  • Not using Johnson Controls’ name to promote a specific political party
  • Never attempting to improperly influence any government agency, representative or legislator
  • Avoiding the use of Company resources to support political candidates or elected officials
  • Complying with all relevant laws, lobbying and disclosure requirements, and our Political Contributions Policy

Think first


I am currently volunteering for a local politician running for office. I was asked to create a banner for an upcoming campaign event, and need to find a large work space to complete it. I would like to use the conference room in the office for this. I would only use my own materials and only work on the banner after completing my day’s work for Johnson Controls. I would also make sure that no one else needs the room for Company business. Is this allowed?


Johnson Controls respects everyone’s right to be involved in the political process. We are proud of our employees who volunteer their time and money to support their political beliefs and preferred candidates. However, Johnson Controls does not permit the use of Company resources, including office space, to support a given candidate. We must avoid the perception of promoting specific politicians or political parties. Therefore, the use of the conference room would not be allowed.