How we win

We engineer a commitment to a sustainable world into our products, services and daily operations.

Why we put values first

We believe Johnson Controls’ purpose is to help make the world safe, comfortable and sustainable. We focus on the future, as well as the positive impact we can have today. In an interconnected, interdependent world, minimizing the environmental impact of our operations is as important as creating the smartest environments and energy solutions in the world. This makes us a better partner to our communities and our customers.

A woman on a step-ladder between rows of tomato plants in a glasshouse
A wind farm across a lake at dusk

What winning looks like

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable solutions and operations by:

  • Making sustainability a core consideration in product design
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint while also achieving operational efficiencies
  • Actively seeking engagement with stakeholders on environmental issues
  • Meeting or exceeding all legal, regulatory or permit requirements
  • Applying our Johnson Controls Manufacturing System (JCMS) global standards and best practices to our operations around the world
  • Finding opportunities to conserve energy, water and other natural resources
  • Safely and compliantly managing waste and wastewater
  • Reporting to management and expediently addressing any accidents, including spills, leaks or unauthorized discharges
  • Taking daily personal actions to reduce, reuse and recycle resources