How we win

We select our suppliers fairly and objectively to give us the best chance of winning with our customers.

Why we put values first

We look to build meaningful, long-term supplier relationships, based on mutual benefit and trust. These relationships help us win in the marketplace and provide exceptional customer experiences and solutions. We want suppliers who share our commitment to integrity and working collaboratively. When suppliers feel invested in our customers’ success, like us, they win when our customers win.

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Three colleagues in conversation in an office lobby

What winning looks like

We manage procurement responsibly by:

  • Treating all current and potential suppliers fairly and with integrity, regardless of the transaction value or length of the relationship
  • Seeking to do business with suppliers who best meet our needs and share our values
  • Complying with legal requirements (e.g., the U.S. Procurement Integrity Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
  • Conducting appropriate due diligence on potential suppliers to ensure they are qualified and reputable
  • Making selections based on clear performance measurements, such as quality, price, service, reliability, availability, technical excellence, speed of delivery and ethical business practices
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive supplier base
  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest, or the appearance of them, by avoiding the selection of a supplier based on friendships or familial relationships
  • Not accepting inappropriate gifts, entertainment or any kind of favoritism, which might compromise the selection of the best partners for Johnson Controls