Bribery and other forms of corruption

We win and retain business on the strength of our value proposition and by building relationships based on transparency and trust. Putting integrity first strengthens our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business partner. We have no interest in “buying” business, nor dealing with those who encourage or tolerate corrupt practices.

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Research integrity and ethically sourcing competitive intelligence

We keep ourselves informed about market trends and opportunities through ethical research.  We put integrity first and always gather information about competitors ethically.

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Fair competition antitrust

We compete strongly and fairly, outperforming our competitors through superior quality and value. We believe in a free and competitive marketplace. We believe in a free and competitive marketplace.

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International trade compliance

As a Company that operates globally, we comply with all trade regulations and restrictions that apply to us. We are proud to have customers and operations in many countries around the world. We follow the laws that apply everywhere we do business, as well as those governing international trade.

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Third party intellectual property and commercial rights

We respect the intellectual property and commercial rights of others as we would want them to respect ours. We respect the intellectual property and commercial rights of others. We don’t take credit for or steal any ideas that aren’t our own creation.

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