How we win

We take pride in making a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work.

Why we put values first

At Johnson Controls, we see both a responsibility and an opportunity to support the communities in which we operate. As a responsible and active corporate citizen, we want our communities to benefit from our presence and support. We expect all employees to make a difference through volunteering and charitable activities. Our goal is to not only offer support, but also to participate in our communities.

Six people walking in the foyer of a corporate office
Three high-school girls wearing backpacks smiling at the camera

What winning looks like

We strive to make a positive contribution to our communities by:

  • Embracing our role as a responsible employer of choice and consumer of local services
  • Encouraging and recognizing employees’ efforts in volunteering, mentoring and charity work
  • Giving back because it’s the right thing to do, not because we expect publicity or favors in return
  • Inviting, but not pressuring, others to contribute to charitable organizations or other community causes
  • Obtaining proper approval before making donations of money or time in the Company’s name, including complying with our Charitable Contribution and Charitable Event Sponsorship Policy
  • Verifying that any charity we become involved with is legitimate and complies with applicable laws

Think first


’m a frequent volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club. Since Johnson Controls supports community involvement and volunteering, I’m wondering if I can present my service as being on behalf of the Company.


Johnson Controls strongly encourages engagement with our local communities. It is not uncommon for our employees to represent the Company at certain community-based events. However, you must always seek and obtain permission from the Department of Public Affairs before presenting yourself as a Johnson Controls representative in the community.