At Johnson Controls, everyone, everywhere must be familiar with the Code of Ethics and follow it every day—regardless of role or seniority.

This includes all employees, officers and members of the Board of Directors. Violations of the Code are serious and can result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, in accordance with local legal requirements.

Johnson Controls has policies that address many of the topics in the Code in more detail. They can be found on the Ethics & Compliance SharePoint site.

Not only must we follow the Code and Company policies, each of us has an obligation to comply with laws that apply to us. We have a duty to speak up if we are unsure about what to do or have a concern – especially if we see or suspect misconduct.

Special responsibilities of leaders and supervisors

While we must all follow the Code and exemplify Johnson Controls’ values, employees with leadership or supervisory responsibilities have additional obligations to:

  • Remind team members and direct reports regularly of the importance of following the Code
  • Actively look for opportunities to discuss the Code and our values (for example, during team meetings and individual performance reviews)
  • Recognize and reward acts of ethical leadership, linking them with our desired culture and business outcomes
  • Follow through on managing consequences for employees who violate the Code and/or Company policies
  • Serve as a role model and demonstrate a personal commitment to ethics and compliance in what we say and do
  • Make sure our teams know the different ways they can report concerns and that retaliation will not be tolerated
  • Log any concerns that are brought to our attention in the Integrity Helpline to ensure impartial, professional investigation
  • Insist that non-employed staff (such as consultants, and temporary and contingent workers) act consistently with the Code and our values