How we win

We speak confidently and honestly about the value we bring to customers because this builds trust in our brand.

Why we put values first

Johnson Controls puts integrity first. We promise honesty and transparency to everyone with whom we do business. Winning business and earning customers’ trust starts with how we present our solutions in the marketplace. We show how we add value in a clear and truthful way, and we deliver on our promises.

Three people listening intently to a woman talking in an office room
Four people in discussion in a factory

What winning looks like

We present our brand confidently and honestly by:

  • Accurately presenting the capabilities of our products and services
  • Ensuring that marketing materials and contracts meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Focusing on the benefits of our solutions, and not criticizing competitors unfairly
  • Avoiding high-pressure sales tactics and “overselling”
  • Obtaining proper authority to finalize deals or sign contracts
  • Being responsive in a timely manner to customer inquiries and concerns

Think first


At a recent sales meeting, my colleague answered the prospective customer’s technical question accurately but, in my view, not completely. Not wanting to contradict my colleague in front of the customer, I queried her in the taxi afterwards. She said, “What I presented to the customer was correct and the bit I forgot to mention isn’t material to their decision. Since they told us we’re on the shortlist, we can always clarify this at the next meeting.” I feel like we shouldn’t wait and should be sure the customer is fully informed.


Your instinct is right. When we present our products and solutions in the marketplace, we must provide the complete picture so that customers and prospects can make a fully informed decision. Going back to clarify the details at this point is a good way to earn the customer’s respect and trust. The customer should be the judge of what is important to them. If we make a sale based on a misunderstanding, we risk damaging not only a business relationship, but also our reputation.