Safeguarding company assets

How we win

We protect Johnson Controls’ reputation and other assets because they are the building blocks for our future.

Why we put values first

We focus on the future. Making the best use of what we have today sets us up to win tomorrow. Our assets—property, money, information, ideas and reputation—sustain our operations and allow us to invest in innovation and continuous improvement. As good stewards of these assets, we use them to create exceptional customer experiences and sustainable investor value.

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What winning looks like

We safeguard Johnson Controls’ assets by:

  • Taking reasonable care of assets in our control to avoid their loss, damage, destruction, theft or unauthorized use
  • Being vigilant to prevent fraud, waste or abuse in relation to Company assets
  • Managing our records and information in accordance with the Records Retention Policy and other Company policies
  • Following information security and user access protocols to protect Company systems and data from unauthorized access, modification, duplication, destruction or disclosure, whether accidental or intentional
  • Using Company assets only for business purposes, unless a reasonable and incidental personal use exception applies
  • Reporting any concerns about the use, abuse or endangerment of our Company assets

Different assets, same principle

Company assets take several forms. How we protect them will depend on the assets and our particular role. But in all cases, the same principle applies: Take care and use good judgment.

Information assets: Any data relating to our products, business or how we conduct our operations, regardless of how it’s created, distributed, used or stored.

Financial assets: Money and anything that can be converted into money, such as stocks, bonds and bank deposits.

Physical assets: Anything tangible the Company owns that’s used to conduct our business (e.g., facilities, machinery, tools, computers, mobile phones, raw materials, vehicles, office equipment and supplies).

Intangible assets: Our reputation, ideas, inventions, intellectual property, designs, copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. These assets help us drive innovation and improvement.

The following guidance addresses some particularly important areas in which we need to take care and use good judgment.

Protecting proprietary and confidential business information

How we win

We protect our confidential business information and intellectual property because they give us our edge in the marketplace.

We bring the future forward and win for our customers by developing ideas and using technical know-how that others don’t have. Our confidential business information and intellectual property are vital business assets that distinguish us from competitors. We must protect them from unauthorized disclosure or misuse.

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What winning looks like

We safeguard our proprietary and confidential information by:

  • Sharing this information only with those who are authorized and have a business need to know it
  • Not discussing confidential matters when there is a risk we could be overheard
  • Taking care outside the workplace to ensure that documents and electronic devices aren’t visible to others
  • Never using confidential information for our own personal gain or to benefit anyone outside of Johnson Controls
  • Remembering that the obligation to protect the Company’s confidential information continues after we leave the Company


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Our employees working in the United States and its territories have the right to discuss wages, hours of work, other terms and conditions of employment, personal information, and/or employment information with their co-workers and third parties, including government agencies, unions, and the media.

Our employees working outside of the United States and its territories must follow laws and regulations in the locations where they work concerning the sharing of the terms and conditions of their employment, personal information, and/or employment information —where local law authorizes employees to share this information, they are free to do so; where local law requires this information to be kept confidential, employees should not share this information. 

What confidential information looks like

Examples of confidential business information that should not be shared with third parties outside of Johnson Controls include:

  • Trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property
  • Non-public financial information or projections
  • New product or marketing plans
  • Research and development ideas or information
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Detailed procurement information
  • Information concerning potential acquisitions, divestitures and investments
  • Legal opinions and work product
  • Any other information that might be useful to competitors

Think first


Last night I had dinner with an old high school friend who works for a local engineering firm. We were talking about how we both felt proud that our companies were focused on innovating to solve real-world problems. I mentioned to her, at a high level, some of our newest products under development, focusing on how the product will solve customer problems. After leaving the dinner, I wondered if I shared too much and potentially put the Company’s ideas and property at risk.


You are right to be concerned. While your friend is not a direct competitor, it is still important to be very careful to avoid sharing any Company information that is not in the public domain. Our intellectual property, trade secrets and other confidential ideas and information are vital assets on which our competitive advantage depends. If you believe you may have inadvertently shared non-public information about the Company’s products, you should contact the Compliance Team or Law Department for guidance.

Using company technology and information systems responsibly

How we win

We use Johnson Controls’ technology and information systems responsibly to work efficiently and achieve our business objectives.

Working as One Team for our customers would not be possible without the systems and technology we rely upon every day. Laptops, mobile devices, email and the infrastructure that supports them, enable us to work more productively, communicate more effectively and better serve our customers. They help us access and share the information we need to innovate and continuously improve. Inappropriate use, however, can drain our resources, compromise our security and damage our brand and reputation.

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What winning looks like

We use our technology and systems safely and appropriately by:

  • Giving system access only to authorized individuals and only for as long as needed
  • Providing authorized users with access only to the systems and data needed to do their jobs
  • Protecting passwords, changing them regularly and never sharing them with others
  • Keeping confidential information off the internet
  • Not downloading unapproved software or opening suspicious attachments
  • Connecting only authorized personal devices to Johnson Controls’ networks
  • Taking steps to protect hardware from loss, damage or theft
  • Never sending messages that contain harassing or offensive content
  • Avoiding visiting inappropriate websites
  • Making only reasonable, incidental personal use of Company equipment and systems


Protecting the company’s reputation

How we win

We strive to maintain a reputation for integrity and customer-driven innovation in everything we do.

Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We’ve been building it for over 130 years but are always looking to the future. Each of us, in our daily actions and decisions, should feel a weight of responsibility to protect Johnson Controls’ reputation. When we act with integrity and put our values into action, we will continue to earn the confidence and trust of our employees, customers and business partners.

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What winning looks like

We protect our reputation by:

  • Exemplifying our core values
  • Always using sound business judgment
  • Being great ambassadors for Johnson Controls
  • Ensuring that our decisions and conduct consistently sustain the Company’s good name


Our reputation

A 130-year history is something to be proud of. But never forget that reputation is about others’ last experience of dealing with us and their anticipation of the next one.

Preventing fraud

How we win

Our commitment to integrity means we are vigilant to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Fraud, waste and abuse have no place at Johnson Controls. Our commitment to a culture of integrity and trust is the surest way to prevent these abuses, and detect and correct them if they occur.

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What winning looks like

We prevent fraud, waste and abuse by:

  • Fully and accurately describing travel, entertainment and other expenses in our books and records. See the Global Business Travel, Entertainment and Employee Expense Policy.
  • Properly classifying and accounting for financial transactions
  • Billing only for services we provide, within the required timeframes
  • Delivering the discounts we’ve promised
  • Following all procurement policies and ordering only the goods and services we need
  • Never using Company cash or credit cards for non-business purposes
  • Asking for clarification if we are unsure about accounting procedures or legal obligations
  • Immediately reporting concerns about inappropriate or suspicious activity

Safeguarding our facilities

How we win

We keep our facilities and equipment secure and safe from harm so that we are always ready to help our customers win.

Secure facilities provide a safe, comfortable environment for our people while protecting our equipment and materials from damage, theft or industrial espionage.

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What winning looks like

We safeguard our facilities by:

  • Wearing our Company identification badge at all times, and making sure that others do, too
  • Not propping open doors or allowing others to follow us through secure entrances
  • Never giving anyone our keys, badge or alarm codes
  • Locking doors to offices and vehicles
  • Promptly reporting leaks, broken equipment or other maintenance issues to management
  • Inspecting and testing all fire protection and security equipment on a regular schedule
  • Responding to all alarms promptly (even after normal business hours)
  • Preventing unauthorized individuals from entering our facilities and contacting security if there is an intruder
  • Contacting the Johnson Controls Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) at +1 414 524 6700 or in the event of any security concern or crisis that poses an actual potential risk to any of our employees, facilities or operations.
  • Calling local law enforcement or emergency responders if there is imminent danger