How we win

We expect our suppliers to operate to the same high standards that we apply to ourselves – always with integrity.

Why we put values first

We believe in acting with integrity, showing respect and meeting our commitments. We expect nothing less from those who want to do business with us. Our Global Supplier Standards set out these expectations. Our suppliers must know and follow these standards to ensure they work with us ethically and responsibly and help to preserve Johnson Controls’ reputation.

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What winning looks like

We maintain high standards and ethical conduct in our supply chain by:

  • Being clear and direct with suppliers about our requirements, both in terms of what we need and how it should be done
  • Negotiating transparently and fairly
  • Ensuring that agreed terms are captured fully and accurately in writing: in contracts, purchase orders and other documents
  • Making a point of explaining our values and philosophy for doing business and reflecting them in our contracts
  • Applying our Global Supplier Standards consistently in all supplier relationships
  • Providing suppliers with resources and additional guidance for any necessary clarification on expectations