Dear Colleagues,

We live in a world in which complexity, change and uncertainty are daily realities. The idea of having more control of the environments in which we live, work and travel is both reassuring and empowering. In 1883, this idea inspired Warren S. Johnson to invent the electric room thermostat. The same fundamental thinking inspires Johnson Controls today: all around the globe we are collaborating and innovating to make the world safe, comfortable and sustainable. We see ourselves as a company that does more than make things; we make a difference.

We must keep the bigger picture in mind as we go about our work and as we interact with colleagues, customers and the world at large. Doing so reminds us that the impact of our individual decisions and actions, for better or worse, can be far greater than we ever imagined. Customer trust and a reputation for quality, dependability and integrity have never mattered more. For this reason, Values First, the Johnson Controls Code of Ethics, is an essential resource. Each of us has a responsibility to be familiar with the Code and to follow it at all times.

The Code’s name is significant; it reflects the belief that when we put our values first, we build a business that will last. Putting our values into action promotes a culture of trust and respect. That, in turn, allows us to collaborate, innovate and do our best work so that we and our customers can win together.

Thank you for all that you do to help make the world safe, comfortable and sustainable.


George Oliver
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer