How we win

We make the most of our diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives for exceptional insights and innovation.

Why we put values first

Johnson Controls attracts, develops and empowers individuals with a wide range of experiences, capabilities and points of view. Valuing what makes each of us unique broadens our perspectives and stimulates new ideas. Our diversity allows us to solve problems more creatively, make decisions more thoughtfully and identify opportunities more proactively. When everyone feels they can contribute to and participate in our success, our employees, customers and investors all benefit.

A woman holding a tablet having a conversation with a man
A woman walking in a lobby between conference rooms holding a laptop

What winning looks like

We leverage a diverse and inclusive culture by:

  • Actively seeking out alternative opinions and approaches
  • Listening respectfully to others so that we can consider and benefit from thoughts and ideas different from our own
  • Treating people fairly and providing employees with equal opportunities based on their qualifications and skills
  • Asking for and being receptive to feedback from others

Think first


I’m one of only three women on my team. In weekly team meetings, it’s fairly obvious that my male supervisor favors the ideas and opinions of our male colleagues, sometimes openly undermining me and the other women. We feel belittled and denied the chance to prove what we can do. I’m afraid that raising the issue with my supervisor will simply confirm his prejudices about women. How can I bring about a change that will allow everyone on the team to contribute?

At Johnson Controls, we promote a diverse and inclusive environment in which everyone can contribute to our success. Any form of gender bias reflects neither our values nor the culture we want to create. You should consider asking your supervisor if there are specific reasons why your ideas are not being considered. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, speak to a more senior manager or use any of the other resources available for raising concerns, such as speaking to HR or contacting the Integrity Helpline.